My Wedding Inspiration

My wedding date is fast approaching and I could not be more excited! The majority of the planning, researching and booking is done. Now it’s just figuring out a lot of small little details. I figured I’d post a little bit about my wedding inspiration without giving too much away! As I said in a previous post, Jason and I are doing a small wedding. We wanted to only keep traditions we liked, keep it small, make it special, and make it memorable. We wanted the wedding to be something beautiful and well-put together but didn’t want to go overboard with all of the planning because it’s easy to forget what the big day is all about — celebrating our love, being there with people we love, and sharing the biggest day of our lives with them.

So, here are some of our details and the inspiration behind them.

Wedding Colors: Rosy reds, light pinks and peaches. Inspired in part by this photo below.

{ Also love peonies as part of the bouquet! Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings }

{ Dessert Table — I love the idea of this! Mostly I just think it looks pretty :) I found the photo searching for dessert tables in Google Images, definitely not my photo but don’t remember where it’s from }

{ Calligraphy place cards for the dessert table. I love this! Photo is from a bridal shower shot by Forever Photography }

{ Cute menus — this was from a wedding covered by Green Wedding Shoes }

{ Flowers on a mirror centerpiece by Martha Stewart Weddings }

{ Paper lanterns hanging from the trees — photo here }

So, that is it for now as far as some of the photos of my inspiration go. I have so many photos saved but figured I’d post just a few. I am so excited for the wedding day! I really hope I don’t forget or miss any details…

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