I’m putting together a blog post with a few different pieces for inspiration for work casual attire. I got my inspiration to do it from one of Lauren Conrad’s recent posts on her blog. Well, I was trying to find a cute sweater and couldn’t find one that I truly liked anywhere. I checked Old Navy because I remembered when I was younger, I bought some cute sweaters there. Well, I checked back and I did not find a sweater I liked there but I actually did find a few cute stuff I did like. So, I’m posting above! Links to the products below.

Women’s Cropped Double-V-Neck Crochet Sweater (available in 2 colors)
Women’s Printed Zip-Front Cardigan (available in a variety of prints)
Women’s Bow-Tie Tops
Women’s Sequined Henley Tank (available in a variety of colors)
Women’s Wide Pleat Skirts (available in 2 colors)

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