Heavy Earring Solution!

So, today I stopped by the Kendra Scott store because I needed some studs to match my turquoise Harlow necklace I got there. I’m wearing it to a wedding and didn’t want heavy earrings since I’d be dancing around. Anyway, I did get some studs but I also found another great solution for heavy earrings. They have some “stickers” that are clear and round, and you stick one on the back of your ear lobe. You put your earring through so that it pierces the sticker. And it helps so that your ear lobes don’t stretch out and get ugly from wearing heavy earrings, but it also helps to hold them up. Check out the photos above…the one on the left is the ear without the sticker and the one on the right is the ear with the sticker. And these weren’t even that heavy but they still stretched out my ear…and the stickers worked great!

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