Kendra Scott – Carmella Earrings

I’ll be going to a wedding soon and had initially bought Kendra Scott’s Harlow necklace in turquoise and the Danielle earrings in turquoise as well. I absolutely LOVED them but after thinking about it, I figured if I was going to be dancing with heavy, dangling earrings, it might be a little uncomfortable after a while. I wore heavy earrings for a long time, so I’m extra careful about it now because I don’t want my ear lobes to stretch out too much. Anyway, I decided to get the Carmella studs instead because I figured they’d be more comfortable. WELL, I knew the colors I liked, so I decided to have my own custom Carmella earrings put together at their color bar (you can do it online or in store) and I LOVED the way they came out. They’re SO pretty. I am definitely excited about the wedding and will post some pictures later next week.

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