Company Bowling Tournament (Second Annual!)

Had a great weekend this past weekend! On Friday, the company I work at had our second annual bowling tournament. It was a lot of fun! We’re broken up into teams of 4 and together we choose a team name. Once we’ve got a team name, we choose outfits/costumes to go along with our theme. Really fun! This year, my team decided to be the Lane Rangers. So, we all wore plaid shirts, cowboy hats, masks (not shown in the picture), etc. Definitely a last minute and quickly put together outfit, but it worked out. Above are some photos with my team and with some friends (their team was PINocchio! Get it?!).

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I went to look at engagement rings. Very exciting time in our lives 🙂 I’ll post photos of that in a separate post.

The next day (Saturday), my weekend continued to be pretty awesome. I got my iPhone! I’ve never had an iPhone before and I have to say I’m pretty excited. I’m loving Instagram, as mentioned in a previous post.

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