Today’s Favorites

I am constantly saving links of clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories that I like online. Below are some of the items I’ve saved recently that I am absolutely loving. There are so many both fun and basic blouses and skirts that I’m really liking right now. I feel like I need more of the basics, though. I tend to buy plain tees and tanks to wear with other stuff but I feel like a lot of those tees/tanks that I buy are a little TOO plain. So, I’ve been looking for some fun and feminine basics that aren’t too plain/boring. I initially saw the Madewell skirt on a mannequin at the store and loved it, so I visited their website and found that they have so many cute items!

{ Madewell Snowdot Blouse }

{ Madewell Chiffon Stripe Tee }

{ Madewell Glitter Sleeve Tee }

{ Madewell Tweed Belltoll Skirt }

Topshop Cream Short Sleeve Pussybow Blouse }

Topshop Short Sleeve Contrast Tee }

Topshop Contrast Zip Back Vest }

{ ASOS Tank Dress }

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