Kendra Scott Color Bar Contest

As you know, I am a big fan of Kendra Scott jewelry. It’s very much my style — big, bold and beautiful! As I said in my previous post, I love big and colorful jewelry. It can totally make an outfit or complete it. It makes a HUGE difference, in my opinion. That being said, today I noticed on Facebook that Kendra Scott was having a contest — customize your Valentine’s Day jewelry at the Kendra Scott color bar, post the link to her blog (and Facebook, Twitter, any other blog post, etc) and you’re entered to win a free custom color bar piece! So, if you haven’t entered the contest yet, go design away and have fun with it!

I noticed most people were designing pieces with reds and pinks, which I absolutely love, but I wanted to stay away from that trend. Pink and red on Valentine’s Day is lovely and fantastic, but very much expected in my opinion. So, instead, I decided to incorporate pink into my design for Valentine’s Day and use some current trends: the color tangerine and color blocking! As you probably know, tangerine is in for Spring and color blocking is so big right now! All I see everywhere is lots of fun, bright colors and I am loving it!! So, here is my customized Kendra Scott jewelry piece, inspired by some current trends:

{ Customize your Kendra Scott jewelry at her color bar }

{ My inspiration board }

1. Madewell tee, 2. Payton Dolman Sweater, 3. Marais Colorblock Mini, 4. Caslon Tee, 5. Forever 21 Maxi Dress, 6. Customized Kendra Scott Nyla Earrings


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