Current Faves: Tops

I’ve been searching for some new tops for the spring/summer to add to my wardrobe. The problem with me as you may have already noticed is that I like way too many things. I mean, it is very easy for me to walk into a store and find 10 items I like within the first minute. It’s a disease! That being said, while doing some browsing online, I found quite a few cute tops that I really like. It took a while to narrow it down — you may be thinking, you narrowed it down?! There are still a lot of options…


I love the colors in the first 3. The good thing with these is that you can easily dress them up with some great accessories, jewelry and/or a blazer. I love the colors of option number 2 — the pink and orange/red color-blocking seems to be everywhere right now. And I’m absolutely in love with the fourth option — it has beautiful detail and is a very feminine top.

1. Neon Racerbank Tank, 2. Colorblock tank, 3. Silk Picket-Stripe Tee, 4. Scallop Lace Top


I love all of these tops and I am loving all the sequins! Option 2 is beautiful — it looks simple in the photo, but check it out for yourself up close. It has some beading in the shape of a necklace on the t-shirt — makes for really pretty detail!

1. Silk bow cami, 2. Jewel Necklace Tee, 3. Sequin Stripe Tank, 4. Stripe Sequin Tank, 5. Sequin Anchor Tank


I am loving these Zara tops. They are all so feminine and pretty. I love the second one — the studs, the color and the frill all make this top a great choice. And I think the first one is gorgeous — probably one of my faves.

1. Embroidered Blouse, 2. Top with Studded Collar, 3. Blouse with Contrasting Collar, 4. Blouse with Diamante Collar


What is there not to love about both of these shirts? I love the shape of them both, and I am LOVING the pattern and colors of the first one.

1. Dusk Leaves Corset Top, 2. Peplum Ponte Tank

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