JewelMint Bermuda Earrings: Support Autism Speaks

Hi, everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! This weekend went by way too quickly. Today has been a busy day! I am finally relaxing and posting on my blogs. Today I wanted to share some earrings that I really like not only because of their style but also because of what they support. I’m sure you’ve heard of JewelMint — isn’t their jewelry fabulous? Well, this specific pair of earrings by JewelMint supports Autism Speaks. 50% of the proceeds from their Bermuda earrings (pictured below) will be donated to Autism Speaks. I am a big supporter of charities and love to donate when I can, but I especially support Autism charities because it is something near and dear to my heart — my nephew is Autistic. I have to admit, I had not really heard of Autism much at all prior to my nephew being diagnosed. Now that I know more about it, it seems that I am constantly hearing about it — kids are being diagnosed more and more with it and it is something we all need to be educated about. So, check out these great earrings below, and remember, if you buy them, you’re not only looking great but you’re also donating to a great cause.

Happy Monday, everyone!

{ Nina Dobrev, of Vampire Diaries, wearing JewelMint’s Bermuda earrings in support of Autism Speaks }

{ JewelMint Bermuda Earrings – buy them here }

Photo of Nina Dobrev from JewelMint Facebook; photo of earrings from


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