Arm Candy (part 1)

Prior to meeting my husband, I was not a fan of watches. I only saw them for their purpose — to tell time — and not as a fashionable accessory. Because I always checked my phone for the time, I never really cared for watches. My husband, however, LOVES watches. It is one of the few things (and probably the most important) he cares about when it comes to fashion. He has a deep appreciation for watches and when he shared that with me, I started realizing there were a lot that I liked. Thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, I am now a *big* fan of watches. One of my favorite ways to wear them is with a variety of bracelets (different colors, metals, types, etc). I wore a ton of bracelets at once when I was in high school and college. Some of my friends then would sarcastically ask if I was wearing enough bracelets and if I needed anymore. Now that wearing a lot of bracelets at once is in style, I don’t get asked that as much šŸ™‚ Today, I’ll be posting some of my favorite watches. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some of my favorite bracelets that you can pair with some of these watches.

All of that being said, here are some of my favorite watches at the moment. I love watches but tend to be picky. I’m *really* big on details. I don’t like plain looking watches, and each of the watches below I love for their details.

1. Michael KorsĀ Runway Chronograph Watch – Bronze, 2. Burberry StampedĀ Leather Strap Watch, 3. Michael KorsĀ Double Wrap Leather Watch, 4. Marc JacobsĀ Marc Mode Pelly Watch, 5. Micahel KorsĀ Ceramic Dylan Chronograph Watch, 6. Michael KorsĀ Rose Golden Chronograph Watch, 7. AnthropologieĀ Viscid WatchĀ (also available in pink, orange, yellow), 8. Marc by Marc JacobsĀ Icon Stripe Watch, 9. Michael KorsĀ Tortoise Jet Set Watch, 10. Marc by Marc JacobsĀ Blade Watch

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