Arm Candy (part 2)

Yesterday I posted some of my current favorite watches. I mentioned that I loved wearing them with several bracelets. So, today I’m posting some of my favorite bracelets at the moment. You can wear some or all of these along with any of the watches from the previous post (or any watches you own — get creative!). And just kind of a quick side note — while these are some of the bracelets I’m really liking at the moment, these are just few. There are a lot more bracelets that I like. If you’re looking to find some stylish bracelets, some of my favorite go-to brands/shops (in all price ranges) are: Kendra Scott, Anthropologie, JCrew, Forever 21, Loren Hope and Nordstrom (you can find so many great brands on here, some of my favorites being Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and Michael Kors). You can also find some at Shopbop, Express, Juicy, etc.



1. Anthropologie Yellow Fori Bracelet, 2. Anthropologie Nouveau ID Bracelet, 3. Kendra Scott Lila Bangles in Brass, 4. Kendra Scott Cassie Bracelet in Chalcedony, 5. JCrew Triple Stripe Bracelet, 6. JCrew Golden Cabochon Bracelet, 7. Anthropologie Pave Pompom Cuffs, 8. Kendra Scott Artemis Bracelet in Brass, 9. Anthropologie Vivi Bracelet, 10. Gorjana Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet, 11. Anthropologie Studded Wrap Bracelet, 12. JCrew Classic Pavé Link Bracelet, 13. Anthropologie Pulp Stone Bracelet

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