About Me

About me…

My name is Marcela. I’m a 20 something girl from Texas who has a passion (and obsession) for style, makeup, and all things pretty. I’m the social media manager at a local marketing firm during the week, a freelance makeup artist on weekends, and now a blogger during my free time. I graduated with a degree in advertising, and shortly afterwards attended makeup school in Hollywood because it was always a passion. Now I’m living back in Austin, starting so many new chapters in my life and absolutely loving it. I started this blog because I absolutely love fashion. Getting ready and dressed up makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. I love finding new fun and pretty items, finding sales, discovering new brands, etc. This blog is my way of sharing that with anyone who is interested, and keeping up with others out there too!


A little more about this blog…

I have always had a passion for style for as long as I can remember. I having a shopping problem at times, and while I like to say, “I just have an obsession with shoes…(or purses, or makeup, or clothes)”…my mom likes to point out I just have an obsession with everything and like shopping way too much. I’m constantly saving links and photos to items I like and realized that my folders on my computer were getting out of control. I also noticed I was sending a lot of those photos and links back and forth with friends, and thought, a blog would be a great way to organize all of that and share it more easily. That was the beginning of a new found obsession. I am LOVING blogging, absolutely loving reading all of my favorite blogs around the internet, finding new items, and feeling better about spending so much time on the internet looking at shopping websites and fashion-related things 🙂


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