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Current Kendra Scott Faves

I’m a big fan of Kendra Scott jewelry. I can always count on Kendra Scott to find some fun, colorful, statement pieces. As you have probably noticed from my blog, I’m big on jewelry — the bigger, the bolder, the more colorful the better. It can make an outfit. Well, I’m really liking some of Kendra Scott’s more recent designs. And if you haven’t already, check out their Instagram photos for some sneak peeks at their fall styles.

1. Finn Earrings in Lilac, 2. Jassy Necklace in Chalcedony, 3. Inas Earrings in Smokey, 4. Skylar Earrings in Chalcedony, 5. Daisy Ring in Salmon, 6. Elena Feather Earrings in Turquoise, 7. Dahlia Earrings in Shine, 8. Forbes Earrings in Flare, 9. Lila Bangles in Brass, 10. Newlyn Necklace in Pink, 11. Sam Necklace in Pink

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Today’s Outfit

This is some of the stuff that I’m wearing today! I went to the outlets this weekend, and found so much that I liked. I had to resist temptation, but I did buy a new Coach purse. It is a pretty similar color to my new Kendra Scott earrings. So, I just took a picture of everything!

Shirt from Calvin Klein
Earrings from Kendra Scott
Purse from Coach
Pumps from Calvin Klein

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To get more earrings, or not?!? 

This month has been incredibly busy, and now I have another upcoming trip to DC for the INC 500 conference. The company I work at made it on the list, so we’ll be attending. The dress I’m wearing for the black tie gala is a gorgeous BCBG dress that has some beautiful detail. But now, you guessed it, I need some new earrings. And of course, I immediately think, “I’ll stop by Kendra Scott for new earrings!” I should probably take it easy…I’m buying way too much jewelry. But can you blame me? I’ve always been a HUGE fan of big, colorful jewelry…it started at a really young age. Then I discovered Kendra Scott Jewelry and I was pretty much in heaven. I’m like, can I just buy everything in this store? So, now I’m debating on getting new earrings or not. The detail of the dress is above. And the other photos are earring options I like for the dress!

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Some of my new Kendra Scott Jewelry

                          Kendra Scott Jewelry


Wearing some of my new Kendra Scott Jewelry today. Loving the colors! Have gotten so many compliments today on the necklace especially!

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I went to Kendra Scott Jewelry this past weekend and bought a few pieces I really liked! I’m actually wearing the Mercer Earring in Turquoise and the Ellis Necklace in Turquoise today. Absolutely loved so many things at her store. They actually had a sample sale this past Saturday and Sunday with 20% of the proceeds going towards wildfire victims. As most of you may know, there were some pretty bad wildfires, with the worst one being in Bastrop, this past week. The Bastrop fire is actually still not entirely contained. Tens of thousands of acres were destroyed, as well as around 500-600 houses (last time I checked). It’s extremely sad — some people lost absolutely everything. So, I figured I’d take advantage of the sample sale and get some cute stuff and help out the wildfire victims!

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So, I stopped by the Kendra Scott jewelry store in Austin and bought way too many things!! There were still quite a few things I wanted to get, though. Why do I like so much stuff?!? So, here are a few things that I didn’t get but still really love!

Kavita Earrings in Goldstone
Danielle Earrings in Black
Danielle Earrings in Goldstone
Danielle Earrings in Malachite
Carmella Stud Earring in Gray Pebble
Carmella Stud Earring in Petal
Nyla Starburst Earrings in Green
Nyla Starburst Earrings in Iolite
Karina Earring in Rhodium
Tashi Earring in White

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